Motus contributors choose to invest in our work because they strongly believe in Motus’s mission to create original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. Motus contributors believe in the power of art and storytelling as a way to help heal communities. We could not do this without them.

We invite you to become a Motus Monthly Member, contributor or sponsor at any level!

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Motus Contributor level

Catalysts $20,000+

Changemakers $10,000+

Dreammakers $5,000+

Wavemakers $2,500+

Connectors $1,000+

Synergists $250+

Igniters $100+

Sparks up to $50+


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Motus Monthly Members are simply the best!

Claire & Arthur Figel

Charles Stein

David Breña

Diana Haskell

Elicia Goodsoldier

Janet Heimer

Lauren Click

Laurel & Steven Herndon


Catalyst $20,000+

Knight Foundation

The Marvin Naiman and Margery Goldman Family Foundation


Changemaker  $10,000+


Millennium Trust Grant

Pledge 1% grant


Dreammaker $5,000+


Audrey & Andrew Franklin

Brooke Jordan

Brett Foundation Grant

The CLASS Fund


Wavemaker  $2500+


Alexis Miles

Community Trust Grant

City of Boulder HRC Human Relation Fund

Bamboo Fund Foundation

Grant David Ensign & Michael Mills (1k in honor of Dennis Valente)

Knafel Family Foundation


Connecter $1000+


Bob Norris

City of Boulder HRC Local Govt Grant

Donna Werner

LCAC Grant

Lafayette Arts In Community Grants Award

Michelle & Chris Maughan

Wolman-Fulker Fund Trust Grant


Synergist $250+


Barbara Streinmetz

Ginny Corsi

Irene Banning

Janie Oakes

Jared Polis

Jenny Warburg

Joellen Raderstof

Louisville Cultural Council

Judith Wells Warner and James R Warner Fund

Julie Dolin & Brad Armstrong

Kristin Moe

League of Women Voters

Leslie Allen and James Brache

Lynn Israel

Madalyn T. Ciocca

Marian Dines

Nancy C. Maron

Paul's Coffee & Tea Fund

Seifer Charitable TUA

Stanley Deetz


Igniter $100+


Courtney Banayad

Cynda Collins Arsenal

David Clark

David Diaz Guerrero & Carol Darnell Murphy

Deb Gardner

Debora Palmer

Erin Schauster

Ellen Burnes

Felicia Furman

Gail Hollander

Glenda Russell

Haley Squires

Janet Oldham

Jan Hendricks

Jessica Stern

John and Molly Tayer

John Matlak

John Potter

John Shapiro

Jordan E. and Rosanne M Jacobsen

Judith A. Patrick

Judith Ansara

Julie and Bruce Shaffer

Katie Bartell

Kaylee Dorsa

Linda Jones

Lisa N. Dean

Jeffrey Hirota

Mary Ann Wilner

Maria D. Young

Margaret Ness

Mary Backlund

Mary Collins

Milton Ospina

Nadya Sustache

Pesha Rudnick Wright

Philip Barber

Regina Gray

Rollie and Josie Heath Fund

Robert & Louisa Matthias,

R. Michael Jones and Florence W. Jones

Sally Powell-Ashby

Sue Brightman

Scott Flores

Shelly Catterson

Susan Anderson

Stephen C. Cann and Margaret Katz

The Colorado Health Foundation

Wendy Baring-Gould


Spark - up to $50+


Angela Bevacqua

The Black Family Charitable Fund

Community First Foundation

Daisy Saragoussi

David Clark

David Silver

Dana Beth Lobell

Diane Anderson

Deborah L. Roby and C. Lee Lazar

Delia T. and Richard L. Garcia

Elvira Ramos

Emily Harrison

Elise Jones

Erik Bernstein

Eric Budd

Laurie A. Clark

Lennard Zinn

Ligia Batista Silverman

Linda Gore

Liz Lewis & Laura Malaver

Lodi and Carrie Siefer

Lorena Gaibor

Manuela Chavez

Marco Corvo and Suzanne Magnanini

Maren Waldman

Mary C. Collins

Mary R Zerfass Charitable Fund

Matthew Chase-Daniel

Margaret Leech

Marta Loachamin

Michael R and Elizabeth Graham Freedman

Michela Ardizonni

Michelle Maughan

Miriam Neal

Modupe Labode

Nancy Hernandez

Nancy L. Edison

Nancy Lee

Nicole Setty

Nikki Cohen

Reynold Feldman

Rosalyn Imerman

Roxanne Bamond

Ruth Gelfarb

Sandra Lauren

Shannon Hoffman

Shari Malloy

Stephanie Tanny

Steven Harrison

Susan and Sylvain Guegan

Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Magnanini

Tamar Van Vliet

Teresa DeAnni

W. Alan and Elizabeth Davis