autobiographical monologue workshop

JustUs Monologues


In collaboration with Community Works, Motus Theater worked with formerly incarcerated leaders from Colorado as part of a 14-week autobiographical monologue workshop developing impactful stories about the consequences of incarceration, and the injustice within the criminal justice system (both behind bars and beyond).  

The monologues premiered at the 2019 National Association of Community and Restorative Justice Conference in Denver with law enforcement leaders joining the formerly incarcerated writers on stage to read parts of their stories.

Following the Restorative Justice conference, these writers/performers will begin presenting their monologues to the public to inspire, inform, and engage audiences in the challenges they face and the need to restore justice to the criminal justice system itself.

Recently, two of the monologists presented their stories at the 2019 Grantmakers in the Arts Conference hosted in Denver.