autobiographical monologue workshop

Motus Monologues: Workshops in Storytelling


Motus Monologues teaches individuals how to write and perform their own autobiographical monologues to support understanding across differences. Motus Monologues stimulate community conversation on critical issues by working with local non-profit organizations to support their constituents in becoming community leaders through finding their personal, political and creative voice.

The current focus of Motus Monologues is to help immigrant members of the community write and perform their own stories. The monologues, scripted by Kirsten Wilson into the lauded performance Do You Know Who I Am?, were developed in a Motus Monologue Workshop.

Kirsten Wilson, the director of Motus Monologues, is a master autobiographical monologue teacher and creator of the Letting the Body Speak form of monologue work. She has taught autobiographical monologue writing and performing since 1993 both at the university level and privately. She is the founder and artistic director of Motus Theater. Wilson has an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. She has taught performance art and theater at the College of Santa Fe; Bard College, Naropa and privately. She is also trained in the use of meditation, writing, movement, and guided imagery for work with people suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.