Motus Headlines ACLU 100th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, April 6th, Motus Theater had the honor to be a headliner for the ACLU 100th anniversary celebration in Denver. This was also the Denver premiere of the UndocuMonologues and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to be in our state’s capital with a very special community like the ACLU.

As Motus Theater’s Artistic Director, Kirsten Wilson stated, “It is fitting to perform the UndocuMonologues in honor of the ACLU because the border being crossed that threatens this country, is not our southern border with Mexico, but the legal and social boundaries that protect civil rights and human rights in this country.”

Motus was thrilled to perform with members of the Flobots, who performed powerful musical responses to each of the autobiographical monologues. Overall the performance was a uniquely moving and transformative for both the audience and the UndocuMonologues writers/performers.

“It was a real gift to hear members of the Flobots respond musically and with so much passion to our stories. Through the acapella singing and viola, the artists gave us so much power through their songs. We felt held in a sacred space. We are so grateful to them for standing with us in this call for justice.” Laura Peniche, Motus’ UnodocuMonologues Writer/Performer.

Please be on the lookout for more Undocumonlogues performances! On Saturday, April 27th, Motus Theater presents a collaboration with the Boulder Philharmonic featuring the UndocuMonologue by Cristian Solano-Córdova and a musical response by a Boulder Philharmonic musician. Attend the concert The Dream of America and stay for this intimate performance followed by a talkback. More information here.

Courtney Banayad