Immigrant Heritage Month


BOULDER - Motus Theater to participate in #ImmigrantHeritageMonth2019

Motus Theater will be participating in Immigrant Heritage Month, a nationwide effort held in June to share inspirational stories of immigration in America in order to empower immigrants.

Motus Theater believes it is important to change the damaging rhetoric about immigration in this country, and through storytelling, we can bring truth to the narrative and create tighter, stronger, and more connected communities. In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, Motus Theater is bringing UndocuMonologues to eTown Hall in Boulder, CO on June 29th, 2019. The UndocuMonologues performances will feature powerful autobiographical stories by ten undocumented leaders on the frontlines of immigration reform. Jazz singer Robert Johnson, who sang with Stan Getz and Stevie Wonder, will perform musical responses to each of the monologues.

At the eTown performance during Immigrant Heritage Month, Motus Theater will be announcing the upcoming launch of our UndocuAmerica podcast series in which national leaders such as Jorge Ramos, Nicholas Kristof, Gloria Steinem, and Maria Hinojosa stand in the shoes of undocumented young adults and read aloud their stories. Each story on the 12 episode podcast series is followed by musical responses by Grammy award-winning musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma and Arturo O’Farrill. The UndocuAmerica series can be found on the Shoebox Stories podcast at To learn more about our events on June 29, including our podcast launch party, visit To sign up to hear the launch date for the UndocuAmerica podcast series go to

In addition, this year, Motus Theater joins the Immigrant Heritage Month movement led by by participating in social activations which contain a theme for the week that exemplify the immigrant community, like family and food. We will be continuing to share the love for our immigrant community by sharing the stories of our own Motus community.

Immigrant Heritage Month was founded as a way to empower immigrants to share their stories which reflect the value they offer to our communities and the nation. Storytelling is the heart of Motus Theater. By using theater, we bring to stage marginalized voices whose stories are not recognized enough. Since 2013, Motus Theater has been on the frontlines of immigration rights through live performances which highlight undocumented immigrant’s stories.

Please, join Motus Theater in celebrating immigrants by attending our June 29th UndocuMonologues performances, signing up to hear the first UndocuAmerica podcast episode featuring reader Jorge Ramos and music by Yo-Yo Ma, and by sharing your immigrant heritage story or stories of others in your community. For more information about this initiative visit

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