Motus Theater performs with Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma performs a cello response to the story of Motus Theater writer Ana Casas about her brother’s deportation; it is told in tandem with Stan Garnett, who was the Boulder County District Attorney at the time of the deportation.

Performance presented August 2, 2018, in Denver, CO, at the Youth on Record Block Party, organized as part of the Culture in Action components of Yo-Yo Ma’s Six Evolutions tour.

Ana Casas’ and Stan Garnett’s presentation is part of Motus’ new performance series, UndocuAmerica, whose purpose is to raise awareness about the challenges facing undocumented immigrants, build new alliances and inspire action.

Motus Theater would like to expresses our deepest gratitude to Yo-Yo Ma for this meaningful collaboration at a time when deep listening and empathetic response is essential to both justice and our shared humanity.

We would also like to thank Youth on Record for supporting young people discover how their voice and value can create a better world.

“I believe that culture – music, the arts, sciences, everything that helps us to understand our environment, ourselves, and one another – is essential to shaping a better future. Political and social beliefs aside, culture can help all of us understand what we have in common.” – Yo-Yo Ma

Courtney Banayad