UndocuAmerica Performance & Media Project

UndocuAmerica aims to interrupt the dehumanizing portrayals of immigrants by encouraging thoughtful engagement on the challenges facing the undocumented community and the assets immigrants bring to our country. Motus works with undocumented leaders to help them write powerful stories about their lives and then use various media channels to reach a wider audience. Under the umbrella of this project Motus is producing a live performance series, a podcast series, university collaborations and the Sanctuary Series in order to reach people across the country.

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The Sanctuary Series

Also a part of the UndocuAmerica Project, The Sanctuary Series employs theater, photojournalism, visual arts, and poetry to create a live performance event that provides an emotional and sensory experience challenging stereotypes, biased-thinking, and ignorance, specifically about undocumented immigrants.

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Elements of the Sanctuary project include:

Women of Resolution Live Performances: Women House Representatives read the stories of women living in sanctuary in Colorado.

Women of Resolution Community Readings: Invites book clubs, faith-based organizations, and other community-led groups across Boulder to host intimate private readings of the powerful stories of the four women living in sanctuary in Colorado.

Windows, Walls & Invisible Lines: A multimedia performance in collaboration with Boulder Weekly that tells the stories of immigrants living in sanctuary across our nation and explores the invisible borders created by law and precedent that, more than physical walls and geographic borders, ensure the human rights and civil rights that are essential to our nation’s safety and identity.


Law Enforcement Readings

Law Enforcement Leaders Read DREAMER Stories: This powerful event invited law enforcement officials to stand in the shoes of undocumented people and read their monologues in the first person.

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Restorative Stories

In collaboration with Community Works, Motus Theater will work with  formerly incarcerated leaders from Colorado to develop impactful autobiographical stories about the consequences of incarceration, and the injustice within the criminal justice system (both behind bars and beyond). Stories will be presented by law enforcement leaders at the 2019 National Restorative Justice Conference.

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A platform that invites people to stand in the shoes of a person whose experience is typically underrepresented in the media and read their autobiographical story aloud. Readers are entrusted, for a moment, with their struggles, hopes and dreams. Readers are not asked to agree with everything this person says, but simply agreeing to refrain from judgment and stand for a moment in their shoes, to see things through their eyes.

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The following elements are included in this project:

Shoebox Stories Podcast: An innovative national podcast where readers have an opportunity to stand in another person’s shoes by reading aloud their story, saying their words, and feeling the weight they carry.

Season One: The UndocuAmerica Series, in which 12 episodes focus on the experience of DREAMers (Development Relief for Alien Minors) and pair them with national voices to share deeply moving stories from the undocumented community.

Shoebox Stories Community Readings: Working with book clubs, faith-based organizations, and other community-led groups to host intimate private readings of powerful Motus monologues.

Shoebox Stories LIVE: Community leaders from Boulder County will stand on the stage of to read stories of marginalized leaders in our community, and amplify their voices.


Let’s All Be Americans Now

It is said that America is a nation of immigrants. Yet much of the dialogue around current immigration policy seems to lack any understanding of our country’s origins, or any awareness of how immigration policy has constructed our understanding of American identity. This theater performance explores the dramatic story behind the history of immigration.

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Monologue Workshops

These ongoing workshops led by Kirsten Wilson, teach individuals how to write and perform their own autobiographical monologues to support understanding across differences by telling their stories through finding their personal, political and creative voice.

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Salsa Loteria

A co-production by/Una co-producción de Motus Theater & Programa Compañeras

SALSA Lotería, is an autobiographical monologue performance exploring the life, strength, and resilience of Latina immigrants from our community.  

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One Action

One Action/One Boulder is an arts-based community conversation project focused on immigration that encourages people to learn about the history of immigration, talk about current immigration issues, and take action to create a stronger community.  

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Do You Know Who I Am?

Do You Know Who I Am? is the acclaimed Motus performance that encourages discussion on immigration in Colorado. Autobiographical writers/readers perform their immigrant experience, sharing what it is like to be undocumented in our community.

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Rocks Karma Arrows

Rocks Karma Arrows is a multimedia contemporary theater piece looking at Boulder history through the lens of race and class. Historical figures, like the great Chief Niwot, come alive to tell the story of the early founding of Boulder and the final massacre at Sand Creek.  

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