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Rocks Karma Arrows


“Rocks Karma Arrows” is packed with as much information as a semester of lectures, but it’s never a drag. It employs a diverse set of performance styles and techniques, but it’s highly accessible and never pretentious. It’s a look in the mirror — often an uncomfortable one — but it’s not heavy handed, nor does it peddle guilt or sell shame. It covers enough ground to leave you breathless, yet gives you room to breathe and think and, finally, to respond.

– Theater Review, Mark Collins, Boulder Daily Camera

Rocks Karma Arrows is a multimedia contemporary theater piece looking at Boulder history through the lens of race and class. Historical figures, like the great Chief Niwot, come alive to tell the story of the early founding of Boulder and the final massacre at Sand Creek.

Interviews with local historians and Buddhist monks are woven with historical photographs and film into the drama. At times the photographic images completely take over 180° of the theatrical space so that actors are literally immersed in the history – interacting with the photos, struggling with the voices of the past, and trying to understand how those voices echo in the present. Rocks Karma Arrows was the creative lynchpin of the One Action project of 2012.

The story is told in three parts. Part one focuses on the creation of the city of Boulder and the city’s relationship to the Native American tribes who called this land home.  Part two reflects on dynamics of race and class in Boulder from 1864-1944. Part three is a short reflection from historians and community leaders