Sanctuary Series


"We have to tell our stories. That is how we change laws and policies, but most importantly, how we change hearts and minds."  


The Sanctuary Series employs theater, photojournalism, visual arts, and poetry to create a theater event that provides an emotional and sensory experience that challenges stereotypes, biased-thinking, and ignorance, specifically about undocumented immigrants.


 Elements of the Sanctuary project include:

Women of Resolution


These live performances features the stories of four Colorado women living in sanctuary: Araceli Velasquez, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, Rosa Sabido, and Sandra Lopez. Because these women can’t leave sanctuary to read their own stories or go to the legislature to advocate for their rights, their stories are read by members of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Developed by Motus Theater from interviews and photos by the award-winning journalist, Joel Dyer (Boulder Weekly), and woven together with music sung by Teresita Lozano.

First performed at eTown Hall in Boulder (October 2018), this performance was followed by a live poetic response from award-winning feminist and civil rights slam poet, Dominique Christina, and a talkback discussion with sanctuary leaders. Women of Resolution will be performed in Denver in the fall of 2019.

Women of Resolution Community Readings: Invites book clubs, faith-based organizations, and other community-led groups across Boulder to host intimate private readings of the powerful stories of the four women living in Sanctuary in Colorado.


Windows, Walls & Invisible Lines


A multimedia performance in collaboration with Boulder Weekly that explores the invisible borders created by law and precedent that, more than physical walls and geographic borders, ensure the human rights and civil rights that are essential to our nation’s safety and identity.