Story-holding Project

Shoebox Stories


Shoebox Stories is a unique “story-holding” project, where people stand in another person’s shoes by reading aloud their story, saying their words and feeling the weight they carry.

Holding another person’s story is both an honor and a responsibility. Readers are entrusted, for a moment, with their struggles, hopes and dreams. As a reader, you are not saying that you agree with everything this person says. You are simply agreeing to refrain from judgment and stand for a moment in their shoes, to see things through their eyes. Motus will ask a national leaders to stand in the shoes of a person whose experience is typically underrepresented in the media and read their autobiographical story aloud in this innovative new podcast experience.

Over multiple seasons, Shoebox Stories will share the voices and stories of people who are often negatively portrayed in the media such as the undocumented, law enforcement and the formerly incarcerated.


Shoebox Stories Season One: UndocuAmerica Series


Season one will launch with the UndocuAmerica Series of 10-12 episodes focused on the experience of DREAMers (Development Relief for Alien Minors) and pair them with national voices to share ten deeply moving stories from the undocumented community. Confirmed national voices/readers for season one so far include: Gloria Steinem (writer/activist), Jorge Ramos (journalist) and Nicholas Kristof (NYTimes Op-Ed columnist).  This series aims at interrupting dehumanizing portrayals of immigrants by encouraging thoughtful engagement on the challenges facing the undocumented community and the assets they are to our country.