live performance & FILM

Law Enforcement Leaders Read Dreamer Stories


“Standing beside these young people, and reading their stories was moving for all of us, and powerful for the audience… Barriers were broken down, relationships formed, and mutual respect established.  Relationship building like this, using this format, could probably solve a lot of various issues in many communities across this country!”  

—Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle

Law Enforcement Leaders Read DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?  was a groundbreaking performance in which law enforcement and public safety leaders in Boulder County took to the stage to read the autobiographical monologues of young undocumented community members. In this unprecedented performance, law enforcement leaders concerned with issues of public safety stood in solidarity with DACA recipients to disrupt the false association between criminality and immigration status and to state that all people, regardless of documentation status, deserve the full protection of the law.


The Film


This film amplifies the voices of undocumented leaders and shows our nation that public safety leaders, who hold the law closest to their hearts and jobs, are willing to stand in the experience of DREAMERS and honor their stories and struggle for justice.

“This film will help develop an important narrative that refutes the myth that there is a correlation between documentation status and being a criminal.”

– Boulder County District Attorney, Stan Garnett


Host a Screening


Motus invites you to collaborate with your local law enforcement and immigration leaders to host a screening of the film version of Law Enforcement Officers Read Do You Know Who I Am? at your school, church or community space, and follow it with a community conversation.