One Action/One Boulder: A Community Conversation Project


The arts sector can play a vital role in encouraging community conversation on critical issues that strengthen any city.

—Kirsten Wilson, Motus Theater

One Action/One Boulder is an arts-based community conversation project focused on immigration. The aim of the project is to use the arts to encourage people to learn about the history of immigration, talk about current immigration issues, and take an action to create a stronger community. One Action/One Boulder presents a highly innovative example of cross-cultural collaboration for other communities to emulate.

The 2012 One Action project Niwot’s Arrow, had a special emphasis in learning about the Sand Creek Massacre and the Arapaho chief, Niwot (Niwot or Left Hand).

The 2016 One Action project, Arts + Immigration, had over 10,000 people participating, and over 20 local organizations who collaborated in the project, sparking significant discussion about the history and impact of immigration in our community, and how we can move towards a more inclusive community.